Holmes Approved Homes

Our Company is now endorsed by one of Canada’s most revered personalities in the building and construction industry. Mike Holmes, host of the popular television show Holmes on Homes, recently announced that our construction and development company with roots in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, is the newest partner in the Holmes program, a designation that comes with Holmes’ own stamp of approval.

Vice President Joey Biasucci is proud to partner with Mike Holmes and the Holmes Approved Homes program, which only has a little more than 30 construction companies on it’s roster nationally. Joey’s father, Sam Biasucci, is the president of SalDan Construction Group, and will be celebrating it’s 40th anniversary next year. It has grown and expanded from the Sault to offices in both Sudbury and Toronto – earning a glowing review from Mike Holmes himself. The company proudly boasts a motto of “on time, on budget”.

“Buying or renovating a home is a huge investment. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of shoddy work that makes me shake my head. This is why I’ve been partnering with awesome builders who understand the value of making it right. It’s the philosophy behind my Holmes Approved Homes program.That’s why I’m excited to welcome SalDan Construction Group to my program. This is a family-owned business that shares my passion for making it right all throughout Toronto and northern Ontario. Together, we’re going to help raise the standards in this industry so that every builder knows how to build it right – the first time”. – Mike Holmes


Ready To Build It Right?

SalDan is proud to be in a partnership with Holmes Approved Homes Program. For years we have been building the best homes possible with the best materials and not cutting corners in the process. When the opportunity came to partner with an organization that embodies that same philosophy, it simply made sense.

We understand that your home is the place you live and that makes it one of the most important things in your life. Whether you are planning to build new or renovate your existing home, we’ll make sure that the job is done right.

Make Your Dream Home A Reality

Canada Inspections

A HOLMES Approved Home undergoes a series of home inspections including onsite field reviews by approved Mike Holmes Inspectors, which serves as a thorough, transparent record of the quality and value that exists behind the walls. The Mike Holmes Inspections team provides unbiased, third party inspections at critical stages of construction. Every home is
inspected a minimum of three times through various stages of construction.

Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes Inspections

Mike's Philosophy

Mike’s philosophy is simple: The things you don’t see in a home are more important than the things you do, and addressing these critical details today protects your investment, saving you time, trouble and money tomorrow. Mike created The Holmes Approved Homes program to give homebuyers a home that is built right the first time – a house built with
trust, integrity and a commitment to Make It Right®.

Simply a Better Home

“The HOLMES Approved Homes Program is about integrating the right building products with the right technology, using the right
building practices to build you a home that goes beyond residential standards, from construction to final inspection”
The result? Simply a better built home.