Civil Construction

JB Excavators (Algoma) Inc. (‘JBX’) is a full service excavation company. Our services include:

  • sewer and water installations – private, municipal, and commercial
  • residential excavation and backfill,
  • driveways and grading
  • underground services such as municipal civil services, power and data connections to the grid.
locates and surveying:

For your excavation needs, our team will begin with obtaining all the necessary clearances for underground services locates – a clear and necessary step to ensure safety. We then move on to clearing the site of any trees and debris. Once this is complete, we have a team from Ontario Land Surveyors come mark out the proposed location of your build, ensuring it is done in accordance with the Consultant’s design plans, as well as the direction of the municipality depending on where your site is located. The reference points staked out guide the construction on the property and will help ensure your build is completed on schedule, on budget, and as planned.

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breaking ground:

Once the site has received inspection and approval, we begin with digging out the basement, and have underground features installed such as sanitary sewer lines, storm drain lines, water lines, electrical lines, etc.

Typically, at this stage we would allow the Builder to begin their footings and foundations, and once completed, waterproofed, and inspected, we would return for backfill and site grading.

We will ensure to keep your site and neighborhood clean and road swept daily. Leaving you with a safe, useful gravel driveway, and your site ready for construction to begin.